Amazing Air Fryer Recipes for a Healthy Home

If you have bought an air frier lately, you will need some of the best recipes to make the best use of the air frier. Most branded air friers will provide free cook books along with the air friers, but they may not be sufficient for your taste and appetite. There are some very good video sharing websites that are also offering air fryers recipes that can be done with minimal effort.



Can you ever imagine of frying samosas on your dining table? Not in this world at least. However, with the air frier, you can do the impossible. Yes, you can make healthy samosas even on the dining table with the help of an air frier.

The air frier not only makes cooking easy, but it also makes the food very healthy. The food basket is non­stick coated, which makes cooking very clean as well. You can also easily wash the food basked as you would wash your regular utensils. All of us love fried foods and the samosa is generally called the king of all fried foods. In India, especially the northern parts of India, the samosa is considered to be a delicious evening snack.

Although you can make the same kinds of samosas in the air friers, there are some variations that you can try out. Samosas are generally stuffed with potatoes; however, you can also try a variant by stuffing them with onions.

The ingredients that go in the making of the samosa dough are all­purpose flour, salt, ajwain, hing, and butter. For the stuffing, you will need onions, salt, chilli powder, coriander, chaat masala, pressed rice, and grated cottage cheese.



In addition to samosas, you can also make French Fries without any oil. You will need good long potatoes for French Fries. You can also get pre­cut potatoes in most super markets. French Fries will take approximately 20 minutes in the air frier. When you make French Fries in the traditional frying way, you will find it getting very messy—this is not the case with the air frier.

If you have toddlers in your home, you will agree that feeding them whilst you are in the kitchen can be a daunting task. With the air frier, you can cook their favourite fried foods right in front of them.

With the air frier, you can fry almost all kinds of foods that are fried in oil. Not only that, you can also grill, bake and roast in some of the best brands of air friers. The air friers are very safe to use and they are very economical—and it is very easy to keep it clean. The branded air friers have a very good exhaust system due to which there is very less smell during the cooking.

There are a plethora of recipes that you can try out with your air frier, but you will have to be very sure of the ingredients to be used in the cooking. There are some foods that may need a bit of oil added to them to get the original taste—so be aware of that.

How To Get Enough Fiber In Your Diet

A majority of Americans do not consume the recommend amount of fiber on a daily basis, which ranges from 25 grams to 38 grams per day. There are several important benefits to getting enough of this necessary substance in one’s diet. It helps to maintain blood sugar levels, supports heart health and helps to keep the digestive system running properly. A high fiber diet can also help with losing weight, since it makes you feel full and is digested slowly. A diet lacking in fiber, on the other hand, can lead to various health problems, including constipation, weight gain and gastrointestinal problems.


The best way for getting enough fiber in your diet is to consume it naturally. Eating whole foods that are naturally rich in fiber, like nuts, beans, whole grains, vegetables and fruits can furnish you with the amount you need and also provide you with many other important health benefits as well.

There are also fiber supplements and fiber drinks that are available on the market which can help you increase your daily intake. These products offer a very convenient way to boost your daily fiber consumption.

Here are a few tips to help incorporate extra fiber into your daily diet:

Fiber Drinks

– Choose whole grains instead of refined carbohydrates. Whole grains are an excellent natural source of fiber. Instead of consuming refined carbohydrates such as white bread, concentrate on whole grains like bulgur, oatmeal, barley and whole wheat.

– Start your day off right with a breakfast fiber boost. Choose a breakfast cereal with a minimum of 3 grams of fiber in a serving. You can also eat a handful of berries or have some whole wheat toast.

– Pick a high fiber snack in the afternoon. Dried apricots, nuts, trail mix, granola bars and whole grain crackers are all solid choices.

– Add fresh fruit to each meal. Some fruits rich in fiber include oranges, pears, prunes, berries and apples.

-Eat plenty of legumes. Some great sources of fiber include legumes such as lentils, peas and beans. They can be eaten on their own or added to casseroles, soups, salads and dips.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to easily incorporate enough fiber into your diet the natural way by eating whole foods that are full of this much needed substance. There are also drinks and supplements that are rich in fiber that you can consume to supplement your healthy eat plan.